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All the information you enter will be recorded in a secure, password-protected internet database which we use to store all participant data. Your information will be kept confidential; access to this information is limited to members of our research staff who are bound to maintain participants’ confidentiality as directed by our Institutional Review Board.

The Division of Behavioral Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center is engaged in a cocoa flavanol study to understand how cocoa flavanols affect memory and cognition. We hope to determine if cocoa flavanols increase attention and memory.

To participate in our studies, you must:

  •  Be 50-69 years old
  •  Be in good health
  •  Be able to travel to our Medical Center campus for testing sessions
  • Have a body-mass index (BMI) between 18-35 (Click here to calculate your BMI)


You may receive up to $310 in compensation!


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